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Project | The Blonde Salad – Chiara Ferragni (Milan)

In the heart of Milan, The Blonde Salad (TBS) is writing a new chapter in its history. Here, the new headquarters of TBS Crew, the company led by Chiara Ferragni, finds space. They entrusted Carlo Civera with enhancing their spaces with high-quality semi-natural artificial plants.

The space aims to embody the mantra #Neverstops, drawing inspiration from the two cities that have marked Chiara Ferragni’s journey over the years: Milan and Los Angeles. These two worlds blend in the concept devised by the architecture and interior design studio Dsigninc, founded by Domenico Iovine and Vincenzo Sabatino, where Milan’s determined character merges with the vibrant Californian style.

After a thorough analysis of the spaces, different types of semi-natural artificial plants, handcrafted on real trunks, were selected in collaboration with the client and the architecture studio. For TBS offices, beautiful Banana trees and Kentias in various heights and diameters were placed, making the environment even more welcoming, less cold, and above all, super green!

Our production of artificial and semi-natural plants is synonymous with high Italian craftsmanship, the result of decades of investment in research and development. Creating a semi-natural plant is an elaborate craftsmanship process: starting with a 100% dehydrated natural trunk on which highly realistic artificial branches and elements are grafted. The result is a perfect blend of the precious characteristics of the “real” and the advantages of the artificial (such as low maintenance). All our artificial plants are treated against dust, making future maintenance easier and giving the plants a shiny look.

Additionally, the TBS Crew has written an article about our project. You can read it on “The Blonde Salad” website, Chiara Ferragni’s blog, click here.

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Project | The Blonde Salad – Chiara Ferragni (Milan)
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