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Artificial vertical gardens

A super green furnishing idea!

Our artificial vertical gardens are perfect for creating inviting green spaces without the need for maintenance.

Carlo Civera designs, creates, and installs artificial vertical gardens and flat or curved plant walls of any size, for both indoor and outdoor spaces (with UV protection). In terms of beauty and lushness, they are identical to real ones without requiring constant care and attention. They also achieve a depth of about 15 to 50 cm, offering a realistic three-dimensional effect even when viewed from a distance.

Our vertical gardens are a great alternative to walls covered in stabilized lichen or artificial lichen and can be used to decorate private spaces, restaurants, hotels, offices, shops, and storefronts.

Indoor walls

Our floral designer listens to the client’s needs and creates artificial vertical gardens customized in every detail, from measurements to the choice of plants. The plants used are of the highest quality, identical to natural specimens both visually and to the touch. The structure of our vertical gardens is innovative, solid yet lightweight, and easy to place with only a few plugs per square meter. You can also choose the RAL/NCS color code for the frame!

Outdoor walls

All the beauty of indoor artificial vertical gardens brought outdoors. To create an outdoor artificial vertical garden or a green artificial plant wall, we use artificial plants resistant to UV rays and weather elements. These artificial vertical gardens are perfect for decorating terrace walls or covering walls that hide technical areas such as air conditioning units.

Flower walls

Artificial flower walls represent the current trend! We create them to measure, each flower is hand-fixed to a sturdy, lightweight, and easy-to-install structure. This completely artisanal process allows us to create designs with custom color shades! Give a fashion touch to your spaces by choosing one of our artificial flower walls.

Why Choose a Carlo Civera artificial vertical garden?

We don’t produce or use standard modules: we listen to the client’s needs and create personalized artificial vertical gardens, from dimensions to shape, to the choice of plants and their placement.

Our artificial vertical garden embodies high Italian craftsmanship, the result of decades of investment in research and development.

The structure of our vertical gardens is unique, only 4 cm deep, and easily installable anywhere, even outdoors.

We don’t use sponge or plywood panels like others because it signifies poor quality and poor long-term durability.

No maintenance required

Thanks to the very high quality of the materials used, our artificial vertical gardens require no maintenance. If a little dust accumulates, simply use a common compressed air canister from a distance of about 50 cm from the foliage. Artificial materials also eliminate the typical problems of dry or falling leaves.

Our installation service

Each artificial vertical garden is crafted by hand in Carlo Civera’s workshops and is installed by our staff throughout Italy and abroad. We oversee the project from start to finish, caring for every detail, even during the installation phase of the vertical plant wall. To ensure maximum durability and stability, we exclusively use top-quality hardware, reflecting our commitment to offering durable and high-precision solutions.

They are more cost-effective

Our artificial vertical garden is more cost-effective than a vertical garden with natural plants because it doesn’t require expensive irrigation systems. Natural plants also require sunlight and cannot always be placed everywhere. Thanks to highly realistic artificial materials, we eliminate the need to replace plants or flowers.

They are customizable

Thanks to the experience gained in over 70 years of activity, we can create any type of project. The structure of our vertical gardens adapts to the context, which is why we’re proud not to offer “standard modules”. Therefore, it’s possible to customize the garden according to your tastes or project specifications. Finally, choose your favorite plants or unleash your creativity by creating a beautiful flower wall.

You decide the size of the vertical garden

From a beautiful frame that turns a space into a small green oasis to an entire wall that transforms a building’s facade, our artificial vertical gardens can adapt to any environment. Their flexibility knows no bounds: they can enrich the interiors or exteriors of homes, offices, shopping centers, or public structures, adding a touch of nature to previously unthinkable places. Thanks to the combination of technology and design, we can create custom vertical green spaces, adapting them to the specific needs and dimensions of each project.

Our artificial gardens not only enliven spaces but also contribute to everyone’s well-being by bringing nature where it’s most needed.

Discover some of our projects

We can develop a wide range of projects, ranging from creating maintenance-free green areas for private residences to complex projects for shopping centers, hotels, corporate headquarters, and airports.
Thanks to our “turnkey” service, we assist the client in all phases, from the initial idea to plant selection for the vertical garden, through to installation.

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