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Artificial floral walls: an explosion of 42 shades of color!

Our artificial flower walls represent the current trend in the world of interior design. If your goal is to create a unique and Instagrammable scenery, this new product is perfect for your project. Crafted without the use of standard modules, these floral artworks offer an innovative visual experience, bringing the beauty of flowers into any space. To produce them, we have chosen the Rose, with its timeless elegance, available in a wide range of 42 color varieties, and Peonies, with their 8 distinctive tones, add a touch of refinement and freshness.

2024 rose flower wall colors
Custom-made flower walls with artificial roses

Imagine an explosion of vibrant colors, unique three-dimensionality, and artisanal craftsmanship that ensures high attention to detail. Like all our artificial vertical gardens, our Rose and Peony flower walls are produced without the use of ready-made standard modules, allowing for high customization with the possibility of creating monochrome flower walls or mixing two or more colors. Each flower is individually attached to ensure long-lasting durability and unparalleled three-dimensionality. The roses delicately protrude from the wall in different lengths, creating a visual effect of lights and shadows that captivates the eye. Made with artificial flowers, our custom flower walls require no maintenance; simply use a Swiffer cloth or blow them with the cold air from a hairdryer to clean them.

The uniqueness of these custom flower walls lies in their ability to perfectly adapt to any space and style. They can be made as individual panels or entire walls, allowing you to fully personalize your environment. Perfect for completing the décor of hotel lobbies or indoor spaces, showrooms, private residences, or in general, the retail world, these floral walls will add a touch of freshness and beauty, creating an ideal backdrop for photos and videos that will surely grab attention.

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