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Preserved moss

100% Natural

Natural nordic lichen available in 12 colors

Over the years, Carlo Civera has consistently explored new paths to integrate nature into human-created masonry spaces. From this ‘green’ philosophy emerged the idea of using natural preserved lichen, also known as Moss, to create maintenance-free natural vegetal artworks.

Thanks to the characteristics and different colorations of preserved lichens, we can realize numerous creative projects. There’s no standard product, it’s entirely customizable:  

  • The dimensions of the artwork
  • Colors of preserved lichens
  • Frame color

Craft your

Our artworks crafted with premium Nordic lichen are more than mere decorations; they are artistic expressions that blend art with nature, adding a touch of serenity and color to the surrounding environment.

The benefits of preserved lichen artworks are manifold. First and foremost, they require zero maintenance. No need for watering, pruning, or worrying about their growth. They are fire and insect-resistant, and they don’t attract dust. Moreover, preserved lichen has remarkable sound-absorbing properties, reducing environmental noise and creating a calmer atmosphere.

Customization is another significant advantage. You can choose the artwork’s dimensions, colors of preserved lichens, and even the frame design, allowing you to tailor this artwork to your personal taste and space.

Discover some of our projects

We can develop a wide range of projects, ranging from creating maintenance-free green areas for private residences to complex projects for shopping centers, hotels, corporate headquarters, and airports.
Thanks to our “turnkey” service, we guide the client through all phases, from the initial idea to selecting the colors of preserved lichen and the frame, to the installation.”

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