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Artificial flowers

Elegant, colorful, maintenance-free

Ideal to stylishly complete the decor of any environment

The evolution of materials has given rise to synthetic artificial flowers that are incredibly realistic to the touch and sight, replicating nature in every detail. Thanks to our Floral Designer’s expertise, we go beyond simple floral arrangements, combining creativity and a passion for design. Through shape, color, and simplicity, our creations create a dramatic effect in every space where they are placed. Perfect for enhancing hotel lobbies, restaurants, shops, offices, and storefronts, they offer a touch of color and distinctive style.

Did you know that we create personalized artwork and walls using artificial flowers? Imagine a ceiling covered in flowers or a wall adorned with roses: the dramatic impact of these floral solutions is extraordinary!


Thanks to the expertise of our Floral Designer, we can create personalized floral arrangements of any kind, perfect for decorating hotel rooms, restaurants, and generally any spaces that require a coordinated image Over the years, the evolution of materials has led to the creation of highly realistic artificial flower collections, both visually and to the touch.
piante artificiali fiorite con tronco naturale


Our artificial flowering plants are perfect for adding a touch of color to your spaces. We craft them by hand on natural trunks, and every detail can be customized, from the height of the plant to the diameter of the canopy. Choose our Cherry Blossom or a beautiful Bougainvillea to transform your spaces into green and colorful oases.

piante artificiali fiorite per uso esterno con protezione UV


Forget about continuous maintenance and irrigation systems! Our UV-protected artificial outdoor flowering plants offer vibrant colors and excellent resistance to sunlight.
Perfect for gardens, balconies, and terraces, they add a touch of freshness and color to every outdoor space. Geraniums, Hydrangeas, and Lavender options are available.

rose in gomma eva made in italy prodotte artigianalmente


Our giant foam flowers, handcrafted in Italy, represent the latest trend.
These works of art are unique and spectacular, ideal not only for events but also for decorating commercial spaces, hotel lobbies, and creating complex scenographies with numerous flowers. The giant red rose is the most beloved flower and is also available in five other shades!


Add a fashionable touch to your spaces with our blossoming vertical gardens. Each flower is hand-fixed to a sturdy, lightweight, and easy-to-install structure. This completely artisanal workmanship allows us to create personalized designs and shades. We can create frames or entire walls to decorate hotel rooms, restaurants, and generally any space that requires a coordinated image.


Imagine a suspended world where ceilings turn into floral artworks.
Choose your favorite flowers from a wide variety of artificial blooms and create a flowery ceiling that gives the environment a colorful and relaxing atmosphere. Our flower-centric projects are scenic and visually impactful, beloved by many architects and interior designers for their uniqueness and elegance.

Extra large flowers for an extra WOW effect

We handcraft the most beloved flowers in extra large sizes tailored to your needs! With these works of art, you can unleash your creativity by creating temporary or permanent installations in various settings, from retail to hospitality, to event decoration or private residences.

The wow factor is guaranteed, especially considering the social media aspect. Everyone will want to take photos in front of these beautiful extra large flowers! All flowers are self-supporting, whether you choose a single stem or a group of multiple stems. Additionally, the height of the stems can be customized according to your preferences. Base options range from synthetic grass finishes to the use of natural materials.

Love tulips? Discover our exclusive selection

Our artificial tulips are made with top-quality materials that simulate the texture and nuances of natural tulips. These artificial flowers come in a wide range of vivid or delicate colors, allowing for easy mixing and matching according to tastes and environments.

Thanks to the wide range of available vases, made in different materials and shapes, everyone has the chance to personalize their arrangement. A brightly colored vase can, for instance, hold the delicacy of a white tulip, creating a contrast that captures the eye and adds depth to the composition. This freedom of combinations allows for expressing creativity and personal style.

Artificial Orchids: timeless elegance

Our artificial orchids embody the ethereal elegance of their natural counterparts, offering an unparalleled touch of sophistication to any space. These synthetic masterpieces replicate the grace of petals, the sinuous curve of stems, and the perfection of details, capturing the unaltered essence of orchids in a timeless flower. Our bespoke production allows for personalizing each composition: from bold-shaped and material vases to vibrant colors or subdued tones, offering the flexibility to adapt each artificial orchid to the desired environment.

Use them to complement the décor of any space, from a home’s living area to hotel lobbies or suites. We can also produce them in series for projects requiring a coordinated image.

Discover some of our projects

We can develop a wide range of projects, ranging from creating maintenance-free green areas for private residences to complex projects for shopping centers, hotels, corporate headquarters, and airports.
Thanks to our “turnkey” service, we assist the client in all phases, from the initial idea to the selection of plants and vases, through to installation.”

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