Ideal for indoor and outdoor environments, panels and artificial vertical gardens

The evolution of stabilized lichen in an artificial version. Carlo Civera, over the years, has always experimented with new ways to introduce nature into artificial spaces. This green philosophy has led to the idea of using artificial lichen to create zero-maintenance vegetable panels and artificial vertical gardens characterized by a great scenic impact. Thanks to the characteristics of this new product, Carlo Civera can achieve many innovative results both indoors and outdoors, meeting the needs of each client.
Our artificial lichen is made of high-quality synthetic materials, which reproduce the nuances of natural lichen and the typical softness.

Where to use it?


As with our artificial vertical gardens, we don’t like standard modules, which is why we allow you to customize every detail, such as:

  • The dimensions of the panel or wall to be created
  • The frame

Thanks to artificial lichens, Carlo Civera brings together both the technical and aesthetic aspects in his projects with a single budget. The main feature of this material (as in the case of stabilized lichens), in fact, is the high sound-absorbing performance. In addition, it has no bacterial load, does not attract dust, is fireproof, unwelcome to insects, does not grow, does not need to be pruned and or irrigated.

It can be therefore used in any project that requires green areas with zero maintenance.

Indoor or outdoor?

Our artificial lichen is also
UV resistant!

Our artificial lichen is made of high quality UV resistant materials, which make it resistant to sunlight and atmospheric agents (the duration over the years is only indicative). These characteristics, combined with its durability, make artificial lichen the ideal product for interior decoration and for indoor and outdoor green areas with zero maintenance.

Do you like lichens but want an alternative solution?
Discover our artificial vertical gardens, made with our highest quality artificial plants.


To give a personal touch to your panel

A beautiful product requires extreme care in every detail. That’s why we have chosen to personalize not just the size of the panel, but also the frame. We make it by hand using top-quality wood, with the option of coloring it in any RAL, Pantone or NCS color.
Your environment has a classic or modern style? You can choose between many types of frames to create a unique product custom-made to your needs. Our frames are handcrafted in Italy with fine materials such as walnut, briar and other modern materials. The final result? An artificial lichen panel which is unique and in line with the style of your home, office, restaurant or hotel.

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