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Artificial lichen

Ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Choose our new artificial lichen to create indoor and outdoor green walls

The evolution of stabilized lichen in its artificial form. Carlo Civera has been experimenting over the years with new ways to bring nature into artificial spaces. From this ‘green’ philosophy arises the idea of using artificial lichen to create zero-maintenance botanical panels and artificial vertical gardens characterized by a great scenic impact.

We can design and produce artificial lichen panels of any size. Frames are handcrafted using high-quality wood or metal, with the option to choose the finish in all RAL, Pantone, or NCS colors.

Use our lichen anywhere,
indoors and outdoors

Artificial lichen represents an innovative and advantageous solution compared to traditional stabilized lichen. This artificial material, inspired by the structure and appearance of natural lichen, offers a series of distinctive advantages. Unlike stabilized lichen, the artificial one does not undergo changes due to temperature and humidity variations, preserving its beauty over the years. It is also perfect for use in public spaces such as airports, shopping malls, and offices: when touched, it does not crumble or deteriorate as stabilized lichen does.

Moreover, it is easily washable with a damp cloth and is UV-resistant, making it perfect for outdoor use. Choose it to cover entire walls or craft tailored panels with the possibility of integrating personalized logos and texts.

It does not require maintenance

Thanks to the high quality of the materials used, our artificial lichen panels and vertical gardens do not require maintenance. In case of dust accumulation, simply use a common compressed air cylinder from a distance of about 50 cm or use a damp cloth. The artificial materials also eliminate the classic problems of stabilized lichen such as color changes or tuft detachment (due to changes in temperature/humidity).

Our installation service

Each artificial panel or vertical garden is handcrafted in Carlo Civera’s laboratories and is installed by our staff throughout Italy and abroad. We oversee the project from start to finish, caring for every detail, even during the installation phase of the vertical plant wall. To ensure maximum durability and stability, we exclusively use top-quality hardware, reflecting our commitment to offering durable and high-precision solutions.

Insert a logo or text

Our artificial lichen panels and vertical gardens offer the possibility of customization with three-dimensional texts or logos. Custom-made in Carlo Civera’s workshop, these customizations are precisely integrated into the composition, adding a distinctive and unique touch to your green space.

Customize the dimensions

Thanks to over 70 years of experience, we can create any type of project. The structure of our vertical gardens, made with artificial lichen, adapts to the context, which is why we are proud not to offer “standard modules”. Therefore, it is possible to create any type of project.

Discover some of our projects

We can develop a wide range of projects, ranging from creating maintenance-free green areas for private residences to complex projects for shopping centers, hotels, corporate headquarters, and airports.
Thanks to our “turnkey” service, we assist the client in all phases, from the initial idea to the selection of plants and vases, through to installation.”

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