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Artificial plants

Core business since 1954

Create beautiful, maintenance-free green areas with our artificial plants

Our artificial and semi-natural plants are perfect for enhancing the décor of homes, corporate headquarters, offices, hotels, restaurants, spas, and any environment where natural plants struggle to thrive. They make spaces more welcoming and notably super green!

Do you have an outdoor project? With our collection of UV-protected artificial plants, you can create outdoor green areas without the need for maintenance. The aesthetic appeal is comparable to natural plants. Choose from various plant types, including green hedges, agaves, boxwoods, cycads, bamboos, and many more.

Lastly, by managing all stages from design to production and installation, we are the sole point of reference for the client.

Artificial plants
artificial plants

The perfect balance between the beauty of natural trunks and the practicality of artificial plants. Our semi-natural plants are handcrafted, also tailored, with the ability to customize every detail, from foliage type to crown diameter and plant height.


From simple projects to more complex ones, such as furnishing a headquarters, villas, offices, or a hotel, our artificial plants are the perfect choice. They require no maintenance, and the wide range of plants allows for a variety of unique and scenic green spaces.


No watering or pruning required. Our UV-protected artificial plants are ideal for outdoor projects requiring minimal maintenance. Thanks to the use of top-quality materials, this range of plants retains its color even when exposed to direct sunlight.

Handcrafted artificial plants with natural trunks

Our semi-natural plants represent high Italian craftsmanship, the result of decades of investment in research and development. Crafting a semi-natural plant is an elaborate artisanal process: starting with a 100% dehydrated natural trunk, highly realistic artificial branches and elements are grafted onto it. The result is a perfect blend of the fine qualities of the ‘real’ and the advantages of the artificial. Each plant is tailored for every project and perfectly adapts to the environment it’s placed in.

We can produce various plant types including Ginkgo Biloba, Olive trees, Crotons, Bamboos, Maples, Bougainvilleas, and Ficus. Discover our “Ars Topiaria” collection, an exclusive from Carlo Civera.

No maintenance required

Thanks to the highest quality materials used, our artificial plants require no maintenance. If a little dust accumulates, simply use a common compressed air dusters from a distance of about 50 cm from the foliage. Artificial materials also eliminate the typical problems of dry or falling leaves.

Our installation service

Each semi-natural artificial plant is crafted by hand in Carlo Civera’s workshops and installed by our staff throughout Italy and abroad. We oversee the project from start to finish, ensuring attention to every detail, even during the plant installation phase. To complete the pot or planter, we use natural materials like pine bark flakes.

Pair it with a unique vase

Our extensive catalog of Made in Italy vases offers variations in shapes, materials, and colors, allowing for unique combinations.
Vases enhance the beauty of plants, creating an elegant fusion of creativity and nature. The right vase can entirely transform the look of a space, helping define the atmosphere.

Customize the dimensions

Thanks to over 70 years of experience we are capable of executing any type of project. Each individual plant undergoes an artisanal process, allowing us to guarantee maximum flexibility and attention to detail. Crown diameter, plant height, and leaf pattern are carefully chosen to meet every need.

UV Artificial plants, ideal for outdoor use

Thanks to our UV-protected artificial plants, you can create beautiful, maintenance-free outdoor green spaces. In case dust accumulates, simply wash the plants with mild water. Additionally, artificial materials eliminate common issues like dry or falling leaves.

You have a wide range of plants to choose from. You can create a green hedge or decorate pots with Bamboo, Agaves, Boxwoods, Palms, Cycads, and Hydrangeas. Furthermore, we offer the possibility to create custom steel planters, available in various finishes, to complement our artificial plants.

Pair the plant with the vase you love.

We offer a complete service. Not only can you choose your favorite plant, but you also have the opportunity to pair it with a unique vase. Our selection of pots and planters is designed to meet every style, offering a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics.

By choosing among six different materials, a multitude of shapes, finishes, and colors, you can transform your vase from a mere container into an integrated design element that perfectly fits your furnishing project.


Our ceramic pots represent the excellence of Italian craftsmanship. Their elegant shapes and vibrant colors add a touch of class to any indoor environment.
Available in a wide range of models, shapes, sizes, and colors, they perfectly adapt to every style.


The polyethylene pots we use in all our projects are made in Italy. Their modern shapes and versatile colors make them an ideal complement for any environment, both indoors and outdoors.
They also have high resistance to weather agents and are easy to maintain.


Thanks to the use of materials like Fenix, the surfaces of our custom wooden planters immediately stand out for their super-matte appearance. When touched, they give a soft-touch effect without leaving fingerprints. A combination of elegance and functionality, perfect for enhancing the natural beauty of your plants.


Our steel planters are custom-made in Italy, with complete product customization, even allowing the creation of large single-tank planters. From planters designed to support LED strips on the top, double-tank planters, to classic circular ones, you can create your customized outdoor space without limits.


Our resin and fiber-cement pots combine durability and contemporary design. Made with durable materials, they offer the beauty of cement and the lightness of resin. Available in various shapes and finishes, these pots are ideal for adding style and practicality to any outdoor space.


As a universal primary material, clay has the power to connect people from all over the world. Crafted in Europe, the clay pots we use in our projects are available in infinite shapes, sizes, and colors. Thanks to these collections, the vase assumes importance in the furnishing project, becoming the protagonist of the space. They are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Discover some of our projects

We can develop a wide range of projects, ranging from creating maintenance-free green areas for private residences to complex projects for shopping centers, hotels, corporate headquarters, and airports.
Thanks to our “turnkey” service, we assist the client in all phases, from the initial idea to the selection of plants and vases, through to installation.”

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