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Inspired by nature

Characterized by a strong creative and innovative spirit, Carlo Civera first introduced artificial plants, semi-natural plants on trunks, and artificial flowers to Brescia in 1954. These products, pioneering at the time, are still renowned today for their high-quality materials and fidelity to detail.

With over 70 years of experience passed down through three generations, coupled with the uniqueness of our artificial vertical gardens, we have become leaders in Italy and a benchmark for designers and architects in furnishing ‘maintenance-free’ green spaces. Over the years, our company has expanded its presence into new markets, completing projects in Dubai, Monte Carlo, Spain, and Bulgaria.

They have chosen us


They have
chosen us

Our products

We produce tailor-made artificial vertical gardens without using standard modules, customizing every detail according to the client’s needs. Our innovative structure sets us apart from any other product: we avoid using materials like sponge, plywood, or staples known for their poor quality and limited lifespan.
Additionally, we also create custom artificial flower walls, allowing maximum creative freedom in choosing preferred flowers and color shades.

Our artificial and semi-natural plants allow you to decorate any environment where a natural plant cannot thrive. Carlo Civera is capable of providing an extensive range of top-quality artificial plants, even crafted to measure, granting everyone the freedom to create creative spaces without limitations. Moreover, UV-protected artificial plants are available for your outdoor projects, such as green hedges, Cycas, and Agave.

We drew inspiration from air plants to create something never seen before in the world of interior design. Handcrafted around a sturdy core, these compositions represent true vegetal artworks capable of enriching any environment.

The evolution of preserved lichen in its artificial version. With this new product, creativity knows no bounds. Indeed, with UV protection, we can design and produce artificial vertical gardens and lichen paintings for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Thanks to the features and the 12 different color options of stabilized lichen and stabilized flowers, we can create personalized frames of any size, featuring intricate writings and complex designs. The final result is a unique product, unlike any other, handcrafted and tailored specifically for each customer.

The quality of our artificial flowers makes them identical to natural specimens. Thanks to our Floral Designer’s expertise, we craft scenic and personalized artificial floral arrangements that further enhance the environment they’re placed in. Discover our new collection of artificial tulips, available in a wide array of colors.

The Blog

New projects and ideas about the world of artificial greenery

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Within the central courtyard, as a backdrop to all five floors of the building, DIOR has chosen a customized artificial vertical garden made by Carlo Civera with a personalized design.
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