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Project | DIOR – Paris

DIOR has recently opened a new store in Paris on Rue St Honoré. Situated in the building previously occupied by the brand Roberto Cavalli, the newly inaugurated store spans over 1000 square meters and spans five floors. It showcases collections of clothing for men and women, leather goods, shoes, and accessories. Additionally, it offers the Dior Joaillerie jewelry line and the Dior Maison home goods line.

Inside the central courtyard, which acts as a backdrop for all five floors of the building, DIOR has opted for a customized artificial vertical garden, created by Carlo Civera with a personalized design. This vertical garden covers approximately 50 square meters of wall and is characterized by minimal maintenance. In each project signed by Carlo Civera, each plant is manually inserted and fixed to ensure durability over time and a highly realistic three-dimensional effect. The installation has made the environment even more welcoming, less cold, and above all, super green!

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