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6 reasons why you should choose an artificial vertical garden

Plant wall, green wall or vertical garden: they all describe the latest trend in world architecture. Vertical gardens are important architectural elements, with considerable advantages, but they are also real works of art. Minimalist, flowery or luxuriant, with any style, vertical gardens have a great impact on the observer. Plant walls take advantage of unused vertical space and are a smart choice to decorate small or big environments.

Many of our clients, designers and architects have often wondered why they should choose an artificial vertical garden over a real one. Thanks to the quality of our plants and artificial vegetation we can create gardens that are identical to natural ones, both to the eye and to the touch, but without any of their problems. It is difficult for an observer who admires our vertical gardens to notice that the garden is “fake”, instead they will appreciate the precision with which the plants have been placed.

Let’s see now 6 reasons why you should choose an artificial vertical garden by Carlo Civera. Compared to real vertical gardens, artificial ones:

  1. They do not require sunlight: though obvious, this aspect is often one of the first reasons that lead clients to choose our artificial vertical gardens. In fact, many walls are not exposed to sunlight and a natural garden would not be able to grow there;
  2. They do not require irrigation: real vertical gardens are costly in two main ways, the creation of an ad hoc irrigation system and the daily water consumption to keep the plants thriving. Our artificial gardens cut down on both;
  3. They don’t require great depths to be placeed: in some spaces, taking advantage of every centimeter is essential. Thanks to more than 5 years of research, we have managed to create a structure that takes up only 4 centimeters (excluding the plants) and can be placeed anywhere;
  4. They are maintenance-freeand are the ideal solution for people who do not have a green thumb or simply do not have the time to take care of their plants. How do you remove dust from artificial vertical gardens? This is a question our clients often ask us. Since our artificial plants are treated against dust, they are easy to clean once a year with a damp cloth or, in the case of a little dust, by blowing the leaves at a distance of about 40 cm with a common compressed air canister;
  5. They don’t get dirty: this is great news for anyone who loves neatness. As our gardens are artificial they don’t litter, you will never see a leaf fall or soil residue on the floor.
  6. They are less expensive: the price per square meter of our gardens is much lower than the real ones and most importantly, for the client, it is a cost that is incurred only once. Natural vertical gardens, in fact, are characterized by two types of costs: placing costs and ongoing costs such as water consumption, fertilizer or maintenance.

All these features are not only applicable to indoor spaces but also to outdoor environments: some of our artificial plants, in fact, are certified as UV and weather-resistant, and do not discolor, for at least 2 years.

Whether it is a home environment, an outdoor terrace, a hotel reception, a shopping mall, the windows of a store, the lounge area of a spa or a technical room on the roof (which requires to be covered from the view of neighbors), artificial vertical gardens are always the most suitable solution.

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