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Suspended Nature: the unique art of Aerial Plant Compositions

In the vast landscape of Interior Design, a fascinating trend is emerging: aerial plant compositions. Inspired by the ethereal air plants, these creations are true botanical artworks and offer a new way to bring nature into living spaces. These suspended masterpieces not only add a touch of green to your home or office but also transform spaces into oases of serenity. One of the most interesting features of our aerial plant compositions is their ability to adapt to any style of interior decor. Whether minimalist or sophisticated, these botanical artworks seamlessly integrate into any environment. Their versatility allows for the creation of unique and personalized atmospheres in every space.

As in every project signed by Carlo Civera, we chose not to create a standard product but to leave the freedom to choose the artificial plants to be included in our aerial plant compositions. Thanks to our workshop and the expertise of our artisans, we can create structures of any size, assisting the customer in every phase of the project and advising them based on their aesthetic preferences. Each aerial plant composition is handcrafted around a sturdy core, using the same artificial foliage that has made us famous in 70 years of business. The same quality that characterizes our artificial vertical gardens is reflected in every detail, creating realistic works that are both tactile and visually appealing. Our extensive catalog of artificial plants and air plants offers designers and architects the freedom to express their creativity, ensuring a unique end result in every project, stemming from the blend of numerous diverse elements.

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